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FootWave Sensi

plantar fascities dynamic insole


FootWave Sensi orthotic insoles are especially suitable for people with with Diabetes, Arthritis and/or sensitive feet. One of the major symptoms of Diabetes is Neuropathy. Poor blood circulation causes insensitivity in the extremities (feet and hands). The patient won’t feel hold or cold and is less sensitive to pain. When small cuts, scrapes, blisters, or pressure sores develop (often because of ill-fitting shoes) the patient will not be aware of this and more serious problems may develop e.g. ulceration. Large ulcers cause pain and discomfort and eventually may lead to (partial) amputation of the foot!

FootWave Sensi is an insole that reduces pressure and friction in the shoe. The orthotic is shaped to match the plantar surface, as a result body weight is distributed more evenly. Combined with a Plastazote® top foam layer it means much less chance of pressure points developing. This will help prevent serious foot problems, in particular ulceration.

    Product features:

  • anatomic shape including gentle arch support
  • deep heel cup
  • metatarsal raise
  • cushioning, non-allergic top layer, made of Plastazote®
  • supportive, yet supportive P.U. base
  • shock-absorbing polymer gel padding under the heel and ball of the foot
  • this insole can be trimmed to size with normal scissors

    For the relief and treatment of:

  • diabetic foot conditions
  • arthritis
  • sensitive feet
  • tired/aching feet
  • ball of foot pain
  • fallen arches, excess pronation (for people who cannot tolerate firm arch support)
  • this orthotic is also suitable for supinators

About Footwave

FootWave™ stands for dynamic orthotics. Their specially designed construction restores the anatomical arch of the foot and the correct gait path. Provides support and control of the feet during the entire gait cycle. It is also an effective prevention of foot problems and increases the comfort of everyday life.