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FootWave dynamic insoles

Become a distributor

Become a distributor

We are happy to offer you a great business opportunity by becoming a FootWave dynamic orthotic insoles distributor in your country. Our goal is to provide both affordable, effective biomechanical support for patients and a profitable business model for our distributors. If you feel this product to fit you customer needs and you are looking for a chance to expand your business and improve its growth – FootWave is for you! Please see below the key features of becoming a distributor and the steps you need to undertake to be one below:

FootWave distributor benefits:

  • introducing high quality medical products to your range
  • optimal product pricing, resulting in rapid growth of your business
  • sales and marketing support straight from our headquarters, including ready-to-use materials and tools
  • exclusive rights available
  • taking active part in product range development process
  • being a member of global sales network of global brand

How to become a distributor?

  1. Make sure that there is no other FootWave distributor in your country
  2. Send your inquiry at b2b@footwave.com email address
  3. Provide your company profile info, including your current offer description, main sales channels and sales network description. If you have any specific ideas regarding FootWave sales, please include them also – we are open to your ideas and suggestions!
  4. Wait for our International Assistant to contact you in no time!
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About Footwave

FootWave™ stands for dynamic orthotics. Their specially designed construction restores the anatomical arch of the foot and the correct gait path. Provides support and control of the feet during the entire gait cycle. It is also an effective prevention of foot problems and increases the comfort of everyday life.