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About dynamic insoles
  • breathable, mesh top layer
  • flexible P.U. base
  • firm T.P.U. outer shell for biomechanical control
  • gel pads in heel and forefoot for extra cushioning

FootWave - dynamic orthotic insoles.

FootWave(tm) is a dynamic orthotic insoles manufacturer, established as a result of close cooperation between specialists in lower limb biomechanics from Australia and Poland, including podiatrists and orthopaedists. We are focused on providing and developing both effective and affordable solutions for foot treatment, concerning biomechanical dysfunctions, deformations and conditions causing pain and discomfort.

Thanks to years of experience in medical foot orthotics, we have developed several models of orthotic insoles dedicated to most common conditions as well as specialized models for more specific treatment.



Dynamic insoles can significantly improve lower limb biomechanics functionality, stop the deformation progress, reduce pain and increase walking comfort, especially in regards to the following conditions:

  • flat feet, fallen arches and over-pronation
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Metatarsalgia
  • Hallux valgus, limitus, rigidus
  • Diabetic and sensitive foot
  • Painful heel
  • Achilles Tendonitis
  • other common foot conditions

FootWave orthotics…

  • are a medical-grade orthotic insole
  • provide 3-dimensional movement of the sub-talar joint, resulting in re-alignment of the foot and ankle, supporting the arches and correcting over-pronation
  • feature a deep heel cup and flat sole surface to provide both support and stability
  • give effective relief from common biomechanical complaints
  • are available in various models and full range of shoe sizes
  • are recommended by podiatrists, physiotherapists and GP's
dynamic insoles

About Footwave

FootWave™ stands for dynamic orthotics. Their specially designed construction restores the anatomical arch of the foot and the correct gait path. Provides support and control of the feet during the entire gait cycle. It is also an effective prevention of foot problems and increases the comfort of everyday life.