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Plantar Fascities

plantar fascities dynamic insole


Hallux valgus / limitus / rigidus

Hallux, or crooked toe (or stiff / restricted) is a condition that arises on the inside of the foot, which is accompanied by a large toe, and more precisely painful deformation of the forefoot at the level of the first metatarsophalangeal joint (MPT I).

  • The big toe pain relief
  • Hallux inflammation prevention
  • Prophylaxis before and after surgery
  • Movement comfort
1 Directional double cushioning heel zone Absorbs heel strikes impact, controls ankle joint 3D movement, directs into proper supination It will reduce your heel pain and your feet will move in proper directions and with the proper movement ranges
2 Pad under hallux joint (1st metatarsophalangeal joint) Cushioning and lowering proximal phalange of the 1st metatarsophalangeal joint (MTP-1) Cushioning will reduce the hallux’s pain and discomfort, lowering the joint will make the big toe move properly
3 Lowering the hallux joint (1st metatarsophalangeal joint)
4 Forefoot pad Cushioning metatarsal bones Soft pad acts like a pillow – it will improve walking comfort and it will prevent creating the blisters and calluses in this place
5 Flat bottom (insole’s platform) Stabilizing, eliminating undesired rotation Insoles will not rotate in your shoes in undesired way while you are walking, which ensures always proper support and correction
6 Deep profiled heel cup Aligning lower limb axes in neutral position, stabilizing, eliminating undesired heel rotation Your feet will not rotate in undesired way and whole legs will work in proper axes (will not overpronate or oversupinate, heels will not “bend” outside/inside)
7 Arch support Supporting anatomical structures of the feet Your arches (transverse and longitudinal) will be shaped properly, hence your feet will not tire so fast and will work as desired
8 Perforation holes and microfiber top-cover fabric Safety, hygiene, ventilation, comfort Soft fabric will prevent abrasion, improves ventilation and makes insoles very comfortable. The excess of the heat and moisture is drained through perforation holes
9 Insole’s rearfoot bottom grooves Improving insole to shoe adherence of the insole’s rear part Thanks to the grooves the insole adheres better to your shoe, hence it is not moving in the undesired way

About Footwave

FootWave™ stands for dynamic orthotics. Their specially designed construction restores the anatomical arch of the foot and the correct gait path. Provides support and control of the feet during the entire gait cycle. It is also an effective prevention of foot problems and increases the comfort of everyday life.