FootWave™ Flatfeet

Insole description

FootWavetm Flatfeet is an orthotic for ‘general use’ designed by Podiatrists to correct ‘excessive pronation’. This is a common condition comprising a drop of the longitudinal arch and rolling in of the foot and ankles. A ‘side-effect’ of excess pronation is a lowering of the transverse arch structure.

Low feet arches / Metatarsalgia / Calusses / Hammer toes

  • Forefoot pain relief
  • Plantar arches Support
  • Feet, knees, hips and back pain relief
  • Movement comfort


Product features

  • Helps to condition: flat feet; heel pain; painful feet knee and back pain; inflammation of plantar fascia foot; pain arches
  • Available sizes: XS; S; M; L; XL