FootWave™ Support

Insole description

FootWavetm Support was designed by Podiatrists to correct the common condition of over-pronation: a drop of the longitudinal arch and rolling in of the foot and ankles. Over-pronation is a major contributing factor to a range of foot complaints, especially Plantar Fasciitis. FootWavetm Support helps to reduce the pain of over-stressed feet and helps improve overall body posture.

Over-pronation / overload pain / flat feet

  • Feet, knees, hips and back pain relief
  • rearfoot cushioning
  • Lower limb axes alignment
  • Movement comfort


Product features

  • Helps to condition: flat feet; painful feet; heel pain; back pain; excessive pronation; calcaneal spur;
  • Available sizes: XS; S; M; L; XL