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FootWave Metatarsalgia

plantar fascities dynamic insole


Footwave METATARSALGIA is an orthotic specifically developed to alleviate forefoot pain, as result a permanent drop of the metatarsal bones. Most orthotics are designed to support the longitudinal arch. FootWave Metatarsalgia also provides support for the transverse arch, in particular lifting the 3rd and 4th metatarsals.

Ball of foot pain or Metatarsalgia (often diagnosed as a ‘burning pain under the foot’) is caused lowering of the transverse arch, causing excess friction and pressure under the ball of the foot. Eventually nerves can get trapped between the metatarsal heads, which leads to a very painful condition called ‘Morton’s Neuroma’.

By supporting both the longitudinal and transverse arches of the foot, this unique orthotic reduces pressure and friction in the forefoot, assisting with the relief of these common foot conditions.

    Product features:

  • developed by Podiatrists
  • manufactured of soft to medium density E.V.A.
  • longitudinal arch support
  • transverse arch through metatarsal raise
  • deep heel cup for added stability and alignment
  • comfortable, moisture-wicking ‘faux leather’ suede top layer
  • cushioning Podflex padding under the ball of the foot
  • 3/4-length, suitable for different types of shoes

    For the relief and treatment of:

  • Metatarsalgia (burning pain in the ball of the foot)
  • Morton’s Neuroma
  • Excessive pronation (foot laxity)

About Footwave

FootWavetm is a dynamic orthotic insoles manufacturer, established as a result of close cooperation between specialists in lower limb biomechanics from Australia and Poland, including podiatrists and orthopaedists.