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FootWave Kids

plantar fascities dynamic insole


FootWave KIDS full-length orthotics are a safe treatment for children with flat feet, excess pronation or fallen arches. Developed by podiatrist they offer effective biomechanical control whilst providing excellent walking comfort for the child. Normally children’s feet should display a proper arch why the age of 6 to 8 years. However, in many children the foot remains quite flat and display ligamentous laxity.

With FootWave KIDS in the shoes your child’s walking pattern will develop more naturally, preventing major problems in the future. These medical-grade inserts are simple, yet effective treatment tool for common growing pains like Sever’s Disease and Osgood-Schlatter disease.

If your child suffers from multiple foot deformities or has a specific medical condition, please consult a specialist before using FootWave KIDS!

    Product features:

  • developed by Australian Podiatrists
  • made of medium-density E.V.A.
  • biomechanical arch support
  • metatarsal raise
  • shock-absorbing Podflex heel and forefoot pads
  • deep, stabilising heel cup
  • comfortable micro-fibre lining
  • full-length to suit a variety of children’s footwear, including sport shoes, soccer boots etc

    For the relief and treatment of:

  • flat feet, fallen arches, excess pronation
  • Sever’s Disease (pain at the back of the heel)
  • Osgood-Schlatter’s (children’s knee pain)
  • heel pain
  • prophylactic treatment of growing pains

About Footwave

FootWavetm is a dynamic orthotic insoles manufacturer, established as a result of close cooperation between specialists in lower limb biomechanics from Australia and Poland, including podiatrists and orthopaedists.