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FootWave Catwalk

plantar fascities dynamic insole


Footwave CATWALK is a dynamic shoe insert designed specifically for high heels, to relieve foot pain and to increase walking comfort. It’s an orthotic insole that fits types of footwear where a regular orthotic is impossible to fit. Catwalk insoles are cleverly designed to shift body weight away from the forefoot, more towards the back of the foot, thus reducing pressure in the ball of the foot.

    Product features:

  • developed by Podiatrists
  • made of cushioning ‘smart P.U.’
  • low-height arch support
  • gentle metatarsal support
  • soft Velours top layer
  • 3/4-length, suitable for high-heeled open or closed shoes, also boots

    Foot fatigue

  • Ball of foot pain
  • Morton’s Neuroma
  • Tired, aching legs
  • Pain caused by wearing high heels

About Footwave

FootWavetm is a dynamic orthotic insoles manufacturer, established as a result of close cooperation between specialists in lower limb biomechanics from Australia and Poland, including podiatrists and orthopaedists.