FootWave Casual

Insole description

FootWave Casual was designed by Podiatrists to correct the common condition of over-pronation: a drop of the longitudinal arch and rolling in of the foot and ankles. Over-pronation is a major contributing factor to a range of foot complaints, especially Plantar Fasciitis. FootWave Casual helps to reduce the pain of over-stressed feet and helps improve overall body posture.

By restoring our natural walking pattern FootWave Casual orthotics can alleviate many common foot complaints, as well as help relief and prevent other aches and pains, like knee or lower back pain. A major advantage of this 3/4 length orthotic compared to full-length orthotics is that it fits in a wider range of footwear, including slip-on shoes (without laces) and even flat sandals!


Product features

  • Helps to condition: flat feet; painful feet; heel pain; back pain; excessive pronation; calcaneal spur;
  • Available sizes: XS; S; M; L; XL
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